Why do I need the NISPS ddos-guard tool?

Current tools and methods are not affordable for most Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and are very fragmented by functionality. As such, it’s necessary to use a bundle of tools to mitigate current risk for an average company. It also requires high-wage staff to integrate and maintain the infrastructure. We are developing the Network Intelligence, Security and Protection Service (NISPS) to provide a complete solution with a high level of improvement for business continuity and cyber security for SMEs.
With NISPS Magnifier you will always be aware of what is happening on your website, how satisfied your users are, and in the case of problems it will be easy to find and eliminate them.

How do I get the Magnifier Raw Log Access?

Magnifier allows you to perform a search among all requests that are passing through the NISPS network. You will be able to perform searches as well as download search results for automated or hand-made analysis in JSON format. With NISPS Magnifier it is easy to dig into a log’s history and find requests that resulted in a 404 Not Found response, which is crucial for any e-commerce business. Moreover, you can look for any other response statuses that you are interested in. For example, you will be able to check if your site has 5xx errors and exactly what pages are not working.
We provide detailed graphs on response codes, number of requests, backend reply speed, number of threats and the activities of robots. Each graph is customizable and you can select any time period for graph generation. It is easy to correlate graphs with each other, as all of them are placed on one page.
With live graphs you will be able to see what is currently happening on your site, instantly get details of your advertising company and see how the traffic of your site is growing. Furthermore, in the case of updates on your site or the deployment of new features you will be able to see if your site is working fine, or returning error pages to your visitors, and react instantly to problems. Live graphs show the last 30 minutes of your website traffic with updates every few seconds, with no need to click anything or refresh the page. Just open live graphs and enjoy the growth of your site’s traffic.

Do you organize Penetration-Tests?

Yes we do! A penetration test is an attempt to evaluate the security of your web infrastructure by safely trying to exploit vulnerabilities.
The pentest allows to intelligently manage vulnerabilities, avoid the cost of network downtime, preserve corporate image, customer loyalty and save extra expenses.
Reports are prepared so that they are useful both to business and technical recipients, containing the information about severity and recommendations.

What is the Network Intelligence, Security and Protection Service or NISPS?

By architecture NISPS (Network Intelligence, Security and Protection Service) is a multi-service product on the crossing of cybersecurity and business continuity. It’s created to make sure that small and medium European enterprises are able to increase their sustainable resistance against bad actors’ activities on their infrastructure. It consists of specialized services to protect websites from DDoS attacks, threats by hackers, intelligence actions and content parsing by unfair competitors, etc.

Do you provide SSL certificates?

In addition we provide free SSL certificates issued automatically with the help of the LetsEncrypt service, as well as the possibility to upload your custom certificate (if you want to use wildcard or EV certificate). This will help you to ensure that the connection from NISPS to visitors is encrypted and safe.

How do I use the NISPS Membrane?

NISPS Membrane is a modern Machine Learning backed part of infrastructure that we deliver to all of our customers. With Membrane you will be sure that your website is protected from OWASP TOP threats. We apply our expertise and machine learning to discover and prevent access to your website for a wide variety of automatic scanners, posters and spam bots. The Membrane decision-making works on best practices, carefully crafted rules and machine learning. We made it like this to ensure that it is the best possible mix of cyber security experts’ knowledge and the precision of machine learning to keep your business safe and protected.

What is the Magnifier?

Every customer gets full Magnifier capabilities for each website.
Log data is a definitive record of what’s happening in every business, organization or agency, and it’s often an untapped resource when it comes to troubleshooting and supporting broader business objectives. We transform your technical logs into understandable graphs, recommendations and reports to keep it easy to use even for non-technical persons. We store all information in isolated and encrypted storage.

Do the server prices include protection?

By working as a conglomerate of sites & services seeking protection the cost of protection (hardware, networking, software and development) can be reduced significantly compared to performing mitigation in-house. No hardware or software changes are usually needed to utilize remote protection.

  • Our dedicated server plans do not include protection. You are welcome to order protection of your dedicated server as an extra.
  • You are welcome to order protection of your dedicated server as an extra.
  • Our stateless filtering equipment is located all over the World (in Europe, Asia and Americas), stateful filtering equipment – in the US, Germany and Russia, dedicated servers and VDS – in France and Germany.

Our stateless filtering equipment is located all over the World (in Europe, Asia and Americas), stateful filtering equipment – in the US, Germany and Russia, dedicated servers and VDS – in France and Germany.

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